Vania + Marvin's Royal Botanic Gardens Wedding

"Thanks for the photos! I’ve already looked at them soooo many times now haha. Marvin’s just got home from work and the first thing I made him do was relive the wedding day with me. Really, the photos are incredible. You definitely covered the day well. So funny to see you captured things we missed..."

In December last year we photographed an incredibly sweet family session for soon-to-be-wed Vania and Marvin, with their little girl Mae. We were struck by how much love resonated from Mae and reflected back from her parents. We knew the upcoming ceremony was going to be just the same... And we weren't wrong!

It rained all through the mid-Summer day, with just a tiny 15 minute window of sunlight before the reception. (Just enough time to sneak in some dreamy couple portraits.) Shout out to Mae Mae who stole the show by being absolutely delighted by the torrential downpour during the ceremony.

We loved capturing this special day. Thank you for having us, Vania and Marvin!

- The Folks