Frequently Asked Questions


Why does Folkstone have two photographers to cover my wedding?

Every wedding captured by Folkstone will have two main photographers. It’s how we work. We shoot as a team and we don’t shoot without each other! This is because at any moment on your wedding day, there is bound to be more than one interesting thing happening- we simply can’t be in two places at once. For example, it is physically impossible for one photographer to shoot both sides of the bridal party preparations if they are happening concurrently. Having two photographers is an immediate advantage, so preparations can happen far apart and at the same time.

Having two perspectives allows us to capture multiple angles of the important moments. At some point during your wedding day, we will steal you away from the festivities for a romantic portrait session and some fun photos with your bridal party. While you are elsewhere in the venue or out on location being photographed, one of us can hang back to be with your guests, capturing candid moments, styling details, and canapés that would otherwise be missed!

There are also certain important photos that are difficult to ensure from a single angle, e.g. the first kiss. (All it takes is an eager family member stepping in front of one of us and we can lose the important shot- We've definitely had some close calls and we luckily have had a second and third angle captured for the moment!) A second photographer provides a safeguard for your coverage.

What does your assistant do? Do you need to have an assistant?

Absolutely. Your photos will be better for it! Our assistant takes care of the background stuff, so we can focus on capturing the moment. Our assistant is a crucial member of our team. They carry our bags and gear, they pass us spare batteries, memory cards, and lenses, bring us water, park the car for us, and keep us on track with the timeline of the day. 

In addition to that, our assistant also carries their own camera. Our assistant has a freedom of movement that is not afforded to the main photographers who are needed in the thick of the action. This means that your gallery is complemented by a third, more dynamic perspective. Here’s an example where our assistant was able to capture the bride walking down the aisle from a different view, adding depth to the story.

How many photos will we receive from the wedding?

As a rule, we do not limit the number of photos delivered in your wedding gallery. This is because each wedding is different and it is impossible to know exactly how many photos will tell the full story. With two photographers and an assistant, the total photographs taken by the end of the day easily number in the thousands. After the wedding, we sort through the images one-by-one and pick the best images from the day to deliver to you. For a typical day of coverage from preparations through to reception formalities, you'll receive around 500-700 final edited images.

Can we have the unedited images?

As your dedicated story-tellers, you have trusted that we are able to discern the best photos from the rest. This means that you can be sure that the final wedding gallery tells your story in the most honest and complete way, from start to finish. This is why we do not offer RAW or unedited images to you, although we definitely understand the desire to have a copy of every single photo from the day! Selecting and editing the final gallery is part of the artistic process and we have years of experience behind our selection and editing decisions.

Do you photograph traditional Chinese tea ceremonies?

Yes, we do. We've photographed a number of weddings that have included a Chinese tea ceremony. Click here for examples from past weddings.

Do you offer printed wedding albums?

We sure do. We believe your photos are too special to be kept hidden away on a dusty hard drive, which is why we love showing them off in a beautiful keepsake album. Folkstone albums are designed with an incredible amount of care. Dani spends hours designing each page, painstakingly deciding on each individual photograph's placement, and making sure your story perfectly flows and reflects the day as it unfolded in front of our cameras. Click here to read more about our bespoke wedding albums.

I have a question that isn’t answered here.

We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have. Send us an enquiry on our contact page. We can’t wait to hear from you!

-Daniele and Martin