Our Story

We’re two great friends who love coffee, good times, photography, and weddings. And coffee. Did we mention that already?

We met at a photoshoot a few years ago and have been buddies ever since. After working through dozens of weddings together over the years, we felt like it was time to work together as a real team and bring Folkstone & Co. to life.

We’d love to capture and tell your wedding story through our lens. We’re not the ‘in-your-face’ type of photographers; we prefer a more candid and authentic approach. We capture all the moments that matter—the loving handholds, the first glimpse of the bride, the proud parents, a teary aunt, the way your beautiful wedding dress drapes and flows as it makes its way down the aisle.

We also photograph engagement sessions, private functions, and elopements. Send us a message and take us with you.


About Martin

HI! I’m Marty. I am an Australian based wedding and commercial photographer, living the dream in the culture capital of Australia, Melbourne.

I tell stories with my camera and drink way too much coffee. I am a big fan of good music, the smell of freshly ground coffee beans, sunny days, and the great outdoors.

I have been into photography for almost a decade now. Constantly reading, working, shooting, learning, and experimenting with styles. I love weddings because of the high-spirits, the heartfelt moments and the spontaneity it brings. To me it's the perfect mix of photojournalism and art. 

I'm here to document the celebration between two lovers and celebrate the day with you. 

So let's have some fun!


After something else? I do commercial photography too. Find my website and my Instagram here.

About Daniele

Hi, I'm Daniele. 

I'm so glad you dropped by. 

I am a portrait photographer who lives in Melbourne, Australia. I love soy lattes, doggos, and smashed avo like any true Melburnian. Oh, and I love photographing people.

Since early on I was weirdly attached to the idea of freezing time and storing it as some sort of magical blip in the bigger picture that I can look back to and ponder. I can go back to that exact moment whenever I wanted. Photography is magic!

I started properly taking photos in 2010 when I got my first DSLR. It started with the classic aspiring photographer's rite of passage, the notorious "Project 365", faithfully shared on my (now ancient) Flickr page.

Fast-forward 9 years: An Honours degree in psychology, an eye-opening retail and hospitality stint, at least one existential crisis, and years of on-the-side photography later, the realisation hit me: capturing weddings makes me ridiculously happy.

So I turned this on-the-side thing into a smack-bang-in-the-middle thing. I hope we inspire you.


If you’re interested in a portrait shoot, I offer headshot services on my own photography page.