Hi, I'm Daniele. 

I'm so glad you dropped by. 

I am a portrait photographer who lives in Melbourne, Australia. I love soy lattes, doggos, and smashed avo like any true Melburnian. Oh, and I love photographing people.

Since early on I was weirdly attached to the idea of freezing time and storing it as some sort of magical blip in the bigger picture that I can look back to and ponder. I can go back to that exact moment whenever I wanted. Photography is magic!

I started properly taking photos in 2010 when I got my first DSLR. It started with the classic aspiring photographer's rite of passage, the notorious "Project 365", faithfully shared on my (now ancient) Flickr page.

Fast-forward 9 years: An Honours degree in psychology, an eye-opening retail and hospitality stint, at least one existential crisis, and years of on-the-side photography later, the realisation hit me: capturing weddings makes me ridiculously happy.

So I turned this on-the-side thing into a smack-bang-in-the-middle thing. I hope we inspire you.

My personal work can be seen below